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19 June 2012

Some older videos

Some stop-motion animations that the older three kids did with my dad a while ago: Meg's: [Youtube] Jude's: [Youtube] Zach's: [Youtube]

18 June 2012

Making of 'water video'

Zach of course was holding a hosepipe, which I removed using a background shot. Partly by masking off the relatively static length of hose, and the rest using bodged-together chroma-keying of the yellow of the hose. There's next to no live sound; only Zach saying 'I need a pee'. The swishing sound for the last […]

18 June 2012

New video

Did a bit of video editing recently, using OpenShot. The kids and I took a good bit of footage, and separate sound, then I added special effects and put this very sophisticated comedy together: [Video on Youtube]

17 June 2012

Solving Professor Popalop's puzzles in Prolog

This puzzle was in my daughter's Dandy: and I thought it would give me an opportunity to experiment with Prolog, which I'd been meaning to do for a while. I used SWI-Prolog. Structure of the puzzle We'll represent a block of nine boxes as a list. A box is the expression X/Y/C, meaning that creature […]