Month: February 2013

New video: stop-motion with sound!

A stop-motion animation with a bit of a story — one friend goes to visit another friend. And also sound! Animators: Jude and Zach Voice actors: Jude and Zach Camera operator: Meg Post-production: Ben (To put it together, I used Openshot again, but found it buggy and crashy this time, and the freeze-frame effect was quite fiddly to use. I also looked at kdenlive, which was in many ways much better but its freeze-frame effect didn’t seem to work if you used a clip more than once.)

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Encoding video for Archos Vision 14

© 2008, Blender Foundation : CC BY The kids had taken a few videos which they wanted to put onto their Archos Vision 14 portable media players, but the supplied software is Windows-only and wouldn’t run successfully under Wine. The example movie on the device (Big Buck Bunny) had in its metadata a comment that it had been encoded with mencoder, so I thought there was a reasonable chance that Archos’s clunky-GUI’d software just called out to mencoder to do the actual work. Running Archos’s AVIConverter on a real Windows XP machine and watching via Process Explorer revealed that this was the case. Grabbing the command-line and trying it under Linux worked: mencoder -noodml \ input-file.avi \ -of avi -o output-file.avi

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